What's New - NEO Pro 4.0 Build 438/442 (7 January 2009)

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This describes the changes in the following release:

Version: 4.0 Build 438/442
Released: 7 January 2009

Release 4.0 Build 438 is the final build of release 4.0. Build 442 is a minor build upgrade.
For a full listing of what is included in this new version, please see the What's New.


This topic is for users who participated in our Beta program.
First of all, a hearty thank you to all of you who helped with our testing, made product suggestions and reported defects. We were not able to implement all suggestions or fix all reported defects. However, we have logged all of your input for future release consideration.

This latest build can be installed over an already installed beta version of release 4.0. You can continue to use your beta license until January 15, 2009. On expiry you can obtain a normal 60 day evaluation license.
When installing this release for the first time, a 60 day evaluation license will be obtained which can be extended with a one-time 30 day extension.
Once the evaluation period is over a permanent v4 license is needed to continue to use the product. Licensed NEO Pro 3.x users can purchase an upgrade license.

What's new in this build 438/442

This is the inaugural release of NEO Pro version 4.0.
Some minor changes have been made based on feedback and final testing of the product. All beta users are strongly advised to download and install this final build and install over their current beta version to avoid unwanted beta effects.

Furthermore the following minor improvements were implemented.

Minor Improvements:
- Shortcuts for the Reading Pane: - Icons for Remove To Do, Remove Flag, Search in Folder and Jump to Folder (See T9027)
- Save option available for attachments where it was chosen to not show the "Open or Save" dialog anymore.
- When minimized, NEO's tray icon will also show the name of the open catalog when moving the mouse over the icon.
- Check for Updates available on the Help | About screen.

Improvement in build 442:
- Outlook 2007 with SP2 when used in Cached Exchange mode caused occasionally duplicates to appear in NEO's sent or received emails; this has been solved in build 442.

Additional information on the Beta release

Click here for a detailed description of what's new in v4.

NEO Pro 4.0 beta release history
Last updated: 29 July 2009