What's New - NEO Pro 4.0 Build 433 Beta 2 (9 December 2008)

Topic T1173 Applies to NEO Pro 4.0 Beta 2


This describes the changes in the following release:

Version: 4.0 Build 433
Released: 9 December 2008

Release 4.0 Build 433 is the second beta release of the upcoming major release 4.0.
For a full listing of what is included in the beta version, please see the What's New for this version.

This new beta version can be installed over an already installed v4 - the beta license will remain valid.
After installing this version, please reset the main toolbar to enable the new rules functionality:
- Right-click the toolbar and select 'Customize'
- High-light the Main Menu and click Reset

When installing the Beta release for the first time, a beta license will be obtained valid until the end of the beta period (which may be extended if needed). After the Beta period, a normal evaluation license can be obtained before deciding to purchase the upgrade.

What's new in Beta 2

New Features:
- Introducing NEO rules: it is now possible to assign messages to Bulk Mail folders based on (part of) the subject.
- Full user control over Bulk Mail assignment: when creating a new catalog it can now be defined whether 'indirect' messages are organized automatically as Bulk Mail or in Correspondent Folders.

Additional information on the Beta release

Click here for a detailed description of what's new in v4.

NEO Pro 4.0 beta release history
Last updated: 9 December 2008