What's New - NEO Pro 4.0 Build 427 Beta 1 (6 November 2008)

Topic T1171 Applies to NEO Pro 4.0 Beta 1


This describes the changes in the following release:

Version: 4.0 Build 427
Released: 6 November 2008

Release 4.0 Build 427 is a first beta release of the upcoming major release 4.0.
Not all new functionalities that will be included in the new version are included in this first beta.
For a listing of what is included in this beta version, please see below. For a more detailed description please see the What's New for this version.

When installing the Beta release, a beta license will be obtained valid until the end of the beta period (which may be extended if needed). After the Beta period, a normal evaluation license can be obtained before deciding to purchase the upgrade.

What's in this first beta release

New Features:
- Support for IMAP message stores.
- Improved preview pane header information.
- Possibility to save multiple attachments at once.
- New flexible From... To... data filter (reset of filter toolbar needed to enable this feature).
- Evaluation period extended to 60 days.
- New registry location to store version 4 specific settings.

Minor Improvements:
- Search option "Match Similar Words" made sticky (setting will not reset anymore with a Clear in the Search window).
- Improved settings for "Show name in Column" for Correspondent and Bulk mail folders.
- Improved Bulk mail assignment algorithm.
- Option to disable the preview pane for excluded folders.

Issues addressed:
- Importing an existing Catalog will now maintain the original catalog name.
- Sometimes error "Cannot open Clipboard" occurred when copying text from NEO's preview pane.
- For some Exchange users, the outbox within NEO Pro did not stay synchronized upon sending emails.
- Slow behavior when moving quickly through NEO Pro's message listing.
- Delay when entering text in search box of Correspondent view.
- Some minor changes to improve performance when using Outlook 2007.

Known issues:
- Incidental synchronization error during first creation of IMAP catalog will resolve with a second synchronize from the toolbar..

Last updated: 6 November 2008