What's new in NEO Pro 7

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For what's new in the previous major version NEO Pro 6 click here.

You can download NEO Pro 7 here
Rebuild the catalog when upgrading from NEO Pro 618x (click here for details) or coming from NEO Pro 4 or earlier.

New in NEO Pro 7.1

  • Snooze Until Later... feature introduced in this version
    When you like to postpone an e-mail until later, click the Snooze Until Later... button on the Home tab of the Ribbon and select the Date/Time when the item needs to re-appear. The item will then be removed from the inbox and Active Mail folder. When time elapses, the item is moved back into the inbox and Active Mail folder and placed in green color on top of the list for maximum visibility. To control this functionality two new (virtual) NEO Pro folders are introduced: Snoozed Items (on Status tab and in Hot View) and Snooze elapsed Items (on Status tab). For further details see following Knowledge Base article: http://www.emailorganizer.com/kb/T9010.htm#SnoozeUntilLater.
  • Introducing a second message list for better overview of ongoing communication
    A second message list is introduced showing content of the Correspondent or Bulk mail folder from the item of the primary message list. This gives an immediate overview of all messages exchanged with this person while focussing on the current message. From the second message list messages can be selected, opened, replied or with drag-drop attached to a new message - the usual actions also available for the primary message list.

    When starting this version first time, the new message list will open and take half the available space - size of the message list can be changed by dragging the border. The additional message list can be minimized by double-clicking the border between the two lists. Also, the 2nd list can be switched on/off using the extra button on the Home tab of the NEO Pro ribbon ('Correspondent list pane') or by clicking the shortcut Alt+P.
  • NEO Pro icons resizing with changing font size
    When changing font size in NEO Pro (under Tools, Options, Reading Pane tab) now also the NEO Pro icons are being resized for better visibility/usability.
  • NEO Pro font size adopts to screen resolution with first start of NEO Pro
    When starting NEO Pro for the first time font size adopts automatically to screen resolution. After this the NEO font size can always be changed from Tools, Options, Reading Pane tab.

New in NEO Pro 7.0

  • Introducing the latest Btrieve 12 as new database engine for NEO Pro's catalog
    This is first release of NEO Pro 7 marking the changeover from the old Btrieve 6.15 database engine for NEO's catalog to the latest Btrieve 12. As this is a major change, first release of NEO Pro 7 will only incorporate this new database engine. Btrieve 12 is fully compatible with all latest Operating Systems and newest hardware features. It comes with auto reconnect, improved concurrent file use, wire encryption, improved stability and a lot more making NEO Pro ready for the next decade.

    This will be starting point for new features and functionalities to be released over the coming months in subsequent upgrades to NEO Pro 7 to build on top of new possibilities now available.

    Btrieve 12 comes with its own license which needs to be authorized to use Btrieve 12 or to deauthorized to move to another machine - this will be managed completely by NEO Pro through activating/deactivating the NEO Pro license. However, this makes the process of 'deactivating' the NEO Pro license even more important if NEO Pro is to be used on another machine.
    At any time, the Btrieve 12 license can also be manually deauthorized through the Btrieve 12 License Administrator utility which is available in the regular program list after installation of NEO Pro 7.

  • New keyboard shortcut to open NEO Pro from Outlook
    When in Outlook you can now switch to NEO Pro using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+N (even if NEO Pro is minimized and hidden in the system tray) - if NEO Pro isn't running, this shortcut will start NEO Pro.

    From NEO Pro to Outlook you can already use (i.a.) the existing keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+1 (jump to Outlook mail) or Ctrl+2 (jump to Outlook calendar).

Issues Resolved

 Build 7xx0 - NEO Pro version x86: for 32 bit Outlook
 Build 7xx1 - NEO Pro version x64: for 64 bit Outlook
  • NEO Pro 7.1 Build 7120 / 7121
    • Some minor issues with icons resolved
    • At certain DPI settings of the screen, the Search window was incorrectly sized
    • Using arrow keys to move through list with previous search items did not select them
    • Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcut to jump to 2nd message list was not always working
    • Width of New Mail Alert window was incorrectly sized with larger icons

  • NEO Pro 7.1 Build 7090 / 7091 beta
    • Clicking links in the Tray Pop-up window (for new e-mails) moved to wrong section in NEO Pro.
    • Mouse scrolling not working in File to Any Folder window.
    • Errors when importing saved layouts.
    • Various actions caused jumping focus when in Conversation View.
    • Unwanted collapsing of conversations in Conversation View has been mostly corrected.
    • Resizing the NEO Pro main window caused columns to minimize and not being properly restored.
    • Switching screens with different resolutions caused the NEO Pro columns to be wrongly sized.
    • Frequent assertion errors have been resolved.
    • Various windows now scale properly with changed NEO font size.
    • Several issues resolved coming from feedback on earlier beta release related to 'Snoozed Item' functionality.
    • Snoozed Items not restored properly when coming from hibernation.
    • Snooze Until Later commands not visible in Toolbar User Interface mode (as opposed to Ribbon mode).

  • NEO Pro 7.1 Build 7070 / 7071 beta
    • Several issues resolved coming from feedback on earlier beta release related to functionality of the 2nd message list (see what's new on 7.1 build 7050/7051).
    • Sometimes the space between the tabs and the docked panes of the user interface kept growing. This is now solved.
    • Further improvements to NEO occassionally crashing on messages containing foreign characters (like Chinese or Japanes). The issue seems now solved.

  • NEO Pro 7.1 Build 7050 / 7051 beta
    • Occasionally messages in foreign languages (Japanese, Chinese, ...) caused NEO Pro to crash.
    • The Rules window (on the Tools ribbon tab) didn't show correctly with changed font size settings.
    • The malfunctioning word-wrap in Notes attached to e-mails in NEO Pro has been corrected.

  • NEO Pro 7.0 Build 7040 / 7041
    • Latest Outlook updates prevented NEO Pro from opening.
    • NEO Pro 7 didn't always close with Outlook when configured as such under options.
    • When closing NEO Pro a Btrieve warning occasionally showed.
    • Intermediate version build 7030/7031 suffered from poor performance.

  • NEO Pro 7.0 Build 7020 / 7021
    • NEO Pro 7 didn't start with Outlook when configured as such under options.
    • Installing NEO Pro 7 showed on some configurations an error causing the installer to apparently stall.
    • Occasionally the Search pane was incorrectly scaled.
    • Reminder window for an expiring license was not properly scaled on hi-resolution screens.
    • Some further improvements to layout issues for hi-resolution screens.
    • Installer program not always correctly activated the Btrieve 12 interface file.
    • Activating a NEO Pro 7 license not always authorized the Btrieve 12 license correctly.
    • Activating or extending a subscription license not always handled properly the Btrieve 12 license.


Known Issues

  • None
    There are no known issues with this release.