What's new in NEO Pro 5.0

Updates and changes for NEO Pro 5.0. Click here to download.
NEO Pro 3.x / 4.x users: Please note a catalog rebuild is needed after installing NEO Pro 5.

New Features

  • Redesigned User Interface

    A redesigned user interface is introduced in this new version offering both a Ribbon interface as well as traditional toolbars. The Ribbon interface will be default after starting NEO Pro 5. To change to toolbars, go to Options on the Tools tab and switch off the Ribbon. A few commands and filters are by default available on the Quick Access Toolbar. Other commands (e.g. other frequently used filters) can be easily added to the Quick Access toolbar by right-clicking them and selecting 'Add to Quick Access Toolbar'.

  • Conversation View

    NEO Pro 5 introduces a conversation view showing messages in their email thread. This conversation view equals the 'Search for Conversation' results but makes them available for every message directly in all NEO views. The icon to toggle the conversation view is directly available on the Quick Access Toolbar in the Ribbon interface. With conversation view on, an additional column is positioned to the left of the messages indicating messages with a conversation attached. Clicking the '+' in front of a message will expand the individual conversation. Number of messages in the thread is shown behind the subject in the message listing. On the view tab (or right-clicking a message) all conversations can be expanded or collapsed at once. Background colors are used to separate different conversations. With message listing in compact layout (with the subject on a 2nd line - see below), conversation childs will not show the subject as this will be equal to the conversation parent.
    The Conversation Index can be rebuild manually from the NEO Button | Catalog | Rebuild Conversation Index menu.

    Background colors for parent and underlying messages can be defined by going to Tools | Options | Format tab.

  • Conversation Integrity

    Together with the Conversation View a new option is introduced under Tools | Options | Miscellaneous: 'Conversation Integrity' (Default 'On'). When enabled certain actions when executed on the 'parent' of a conversation will also be executed on all underlying 'childs' of the conversation. These actions are: Add and remove categories, Status changes (Active / Read / Keep), Filing actions and Delete. Actions executed on underlying 'childs' will only act on the single message.

  • Message listing - Compact Layout

  • NEO Pro 4 introduced automatic resizing of columns to fit the message listing within the available width when reading pane was positioned to the right. Optimizing further the user interface, NEO Pro 5 introduces a compact layout of the message listing showing the message subject on a 2nd line. Switching to compact layout is by default set to automatic: with reducing size of the message listing, the layout will automatically switch to compact below a certain width. On the Tools | Options | Reading Pane tab, settings for compact layout can be defined (automatic / always / never).

  • Notes with messages

    A frequently requested functionality is the ability to add personal notes to a message. This now is available in NEO Pro 5. The reading pane will show a 'Notes' icon. Clicking this icon (or Ctrl+Alt+N) toggles the 'Notes' pane either below or to the right of the reading pane - dragging the border will change size of the Note. Notes are automatically saved when clicking anywhere outside the note pane. Right-clicking the note formatting and other options become available. Notes are saved locally with the catalog and will never be included with a message reply or forward. To delete a note, right-click the Notes icon in the reading pane and select 'Delete Note'.

    - Messages with a Note attached will show with a 'Note' icon in the attachment column of the message listing.
    - Right-click the note and a date/time stamp can be inserted from the menu.
    - Default font settings for Notes can be defined under Tools | Options | Reading Pane.
    - Importing a NEO Pro 5 catalog when creating a new catalog will also import existing Notes.

  • New virtual folder 'Noted'

    Under the Status tab a new virtual folder 'Noted' is introduced showing all messages with a Note attached. For easy access it is advised to make this folder 'Hot'.

  • Change message status to 'read' after viewing in Reading Pane

    A new option under Tools | Options | Workflow tab is changing automatically the status of an unread message to 'read' after viewing for a defined number of seconds in the Reading Pane. Option default set to 'on' with a 5 seconds delay.

    This function is disabled when activating the Unread filter or selecting the Unread folder to avoid messages disappear from view.

  • Export Correspondent details

    For every correspondent NEO Pro is creating an individual Correspondent Folder with details like name and email addresses. Not all of these will necessarily show in Outlook's address book. To make these details available outside NEO Pro, it is now possible to export these details to a CSV file by clicking the NEO Application button and selecting 'Export Correspondent Details'. Limited to max. 25 correspondents for non-licensed users.

  • New Icons

    New icons are introduced for Conversation View, for the Notes functionality and for use with the Ribbon - all of these are self-explanatory.

  • New registry location for NEO Pro 5.0

    Version 5 will use a different registry location leaving v3 or v4 settings unchanged. At first start of NEO Pro 5, registry settings of version 3 or 4 will be copied and used as starting point for NEO Pro 5.0. Switching back to v3/v4 will use the original, unchanged settings again.

Minor Improvements

  • Outlook pane - default message store on top

    In the Outlook pane or view, the default message store (with the inbox receiving the messages) will now show on top. Other message stores will show underneath the default store in alphabetical order.

  • Sorting in Hot View

    Without Active Mail the Inbox will show on top of the Hot View.

  • NEO panes left and right

    The View | Layout menu offers now a default layout to place NEO panes left and right of the message listing/reading pane. This layout will show the reading pane underneath the message listing but can also be combined with placing the reading pane to the right of the message listing (View | Reading Pane). Starting with this layout it is easy to dock/undock views or tabs to customize further the user interface. This to make optimal use of available screen real estate especially on wide screen monitors.

  • Option to close NEO when closing Outlook

    This option is now available on the Tools | Options | General tab.

  • Changed default setting for Bulk Mail

    When creating a new catalog automatic Bulk Mail assignment has now been disabled resulting all messages to be organized into Correspondent Folders - hence the Unsorted Bulk Mail folder will remain empty. From there individual messages can be reorganized as usual into individual Bulk Mail folders. For new users this will be an easier starting point with messages showing where they are expected, namely in the folder of the sender. This change has no impact for existing catalogs or for catalog rebuilds.

  • Previous NEO Pro 3 or NEO Pro 4 license information available

    Using a NEO Pro 5 evaluation license, the Help | License screen can now show your previous NEO Pro 3 or NEO Pro 4 license information to assist in upgrading the license. Clicking the 'Upgrade Now' button will automatically select the correct upgrade on the webshop.

    NEO Pro 5 License Screen

  • New icon for deleted items

    So far deleted items showed the 'Filed' icon. As this makes them hard to recognize in search results, deleted items will now show the 'Deleted Item' icon.

  • Sorting order NEO views

    Default sorting order for Correspondent, Category and Attachment views has now changed to Alphabetical order.

  • Screen layouts

    All supplied screen layouts (View | Layout | Import Layout) are now ribbon compatible.

  • New keyboard shortcuts

    Go to Inbox:F8
    Open Note Editor:Ctrl+Alt+N
    Find Category:Shift+Ctrl+F3
    Open Category Picker with focus in edit box:   Ctrl+Alt+T or Ctrl+Alt+Z
    Toggle Conversation View on/off:Alt+V
    Expand a Conversation:Right Arrow
    Collapse a Conversation:Left Arrow
    Message Properties:Alt+Enter

Issues Resolved

  • Outlook 2010 issues

    Using Outlook 2010, NEO Pro didn't start when starting Outlook even not when configured as such within NEO.
    Also NEO didn't have an icon in the Outlook 2010 user interface.

  • Attachment paperclip not showing

    Occasionally the paperclip icon in the message listing did not show for messages with an (external) attachment.

  • Conflicts in Cached Exchange Mode

    Using Exchange in Cached Exchange mode combined with another external device (like a Smartphone), conflicts could appear in the Sync Conflicts Folder. An improved synchronization handling is now implemented to minimize these conflicts which can be activated from Tools | Options | Miscellaneous tab ('External Devices'). For further information contact support@caelo.com.

  • Quick File Recent file list issue

    The Quick File Recent file list greyed out occasionally - this has been fixed.

  • Jump to Folder issue

    Using Jump to Folder with filters active (or disabled) caused erroneous behavior when switching filters.

  • Sending Combined Log Files

    Sending the combined log file from Help | View Log Files resulted sometimes in an error.

  • Error "QueryRows Failed"

    Using Exchange 2010 in Cached Exchange mode this error appeared during synchronization. This is now solved.

  • Truncated information in Folder Properties

    In Folder Properties the 'Updated' field showed truncated information.

Known Issues

  • None