What's new in NEO Pro 4.0

New Features

  • Introducing NEO Rules 

    Until now assigning messages to Bulk Mail could only be done based on email addresses. NEO Pro 4.0 introduces "Rules" functionality which enables users to also assign emails to bulk mail based on (part of) the subject. Under the Tools menu the "Rules..." option has been added. Through this option rules can be created, edited, deleted or executed. After creating a new rule, this rule will initially only be applied to new incoming (or outgoing) emails. Through the "Execute" command, a rule can be applied to all existing messages. When a rule is edited, the updated rule will automatically be applied to existing messages. Rules can be applied to incoming messages, to outgoing messages or both.

  • Full user control over Bulk Mail assignment 

    NEO Pro has been designed to automatically recognize indirect messages and classify them as Bulk Mail. Messages recognized as such are initially organized as Unsorted Bulk Mail for the user to re-organize into user-defined bulk mail folders. This provides a very powerful automatic organizing feature. However, in some environments it proves useful to start with all messages organized under Correspondent where the user can re-organize manually certain types of indirect messages into Bulk Mail. With NEO Pro 4.0 it is now possible to "Disable Automatic Bulk Mail Assignment" when creating a new catalog. When selected, all messages will be organized initially as Correspondent. Following this initial assignment, the user can reorganize, as usual, messages into bulk mail folders through the "Re-organize Message" option. For existing catalogs this option is available when rebuilding the catalog by first selecting to "Reset all NEO Folders" followed by "Disable Automatic Bulk Mail Assignment". This setting is a catalog property and as such will be applied when new, unknown indirect messages arrive. Under File | Catalog Properties the setting for the open catalog can be verified.

    Together with the rules functionality, users now have with NEO Pro 4.0 full control in optimizing the usage of Bulk Mail functionality based on a combination of certain email addresses and rules.

  • Support for IMAP message stores

    NEO Pro 4.0 introduces support for IMAP message stores. To organize an IMAP message store within NEO Pro, create your IMAP email account within Outlook according instructions from the IMAP provider. It is advised to create a new catalog containing the IMAP message store. However, you can combine your IMAP message store with other (PST) message stores available in Outlook. In this case, sent items from the IMAP account can show double in your NEO Pro organization as Outlook is keeping (by default) also a copy of the sent items in its Sent Items folder. As a general rule, the "All Items" folder of your IMAP account needs to be excluded from the NEO Pro catalog to avoid duplicates. Settings for the IMAP folders "Sent Items" and "All Items" can be defined in the New Catalog Wizard. When adding an IMAP message store to an existing catalog, new tabs for settings of IMAP folders will be available - after this a rebuild of the Catalog is needed to ensure proper organization and classification of the IMAP content.

  • Minimize options

    On the Tools | Options | Miscellaneous tab following Minimize Options are now available:

    • Hide when minimized - This will hide NEO Pro in the system tray when minimized so it won't be in the way when not working on emails. Double-clicking the tray icon will open NEO Pro again. Right-clicking the tray icon will open NEO Pro's tray menu.
    • Minimize on startup - When starting, NEO Pro will start minimized. Combined with previous option, NEO Pro will hide directly into the system tray upon starting.

  • Improved preview pane header information

    Additional information is now available in the header of the preview pane: name and email address of sender, date/time information, name of attachment(s) (if any).

  • Saving multiple attachments

    When multiple attachments are received, it is now possible to save them all at once.

  • New flexible date filter

    A new date filter on the filter toolbar allowing to specify a From... To... date range. A reset of the filter toolbar is needed to enable this feature (right-click NEO Pro's toolbar, select customize, select the filter toolbar and click Reset).

  • Evaluation period extended to 60 days

Starting NEO Pro 4.0 the standard evaluation period is now 60 days.

  • New registry location for NEO Pro 4.0

Version 4 will use different registry locations leaving v3 settings unchanged. Version 3 settings will be starting point when switching to NEO Pro 4.0. Switching back to v3 will enable the original v3 settings again.


  • Shortcuts for the Reading Pane:

    • Reading Pane On: Ctrl+Alt+Up
    • Minimize Reading Pane: Ctrl+Alt+Down
    • Increase Reading Pane: Ctrl+Shift+Up (or Left)
    • Decrease Reading Pane: Ctrl+Shift+Down (or Right)
    • Maximize Reading Pane: Ctrl+Shift+PageUp
    • Restore Reading Pane: Ctrl+Shift+PageDown
  • Icons for following commands (see T9027 for overview of all icons):

    • Remove To Do
    • Remove Flag
    • Search in Folder
    • Jump to Folder
  • Save option available when opening an attachment from the preview pane

    When clicking the attachment icon in the preview pane, the "Open or Save" dialog shows with the option to not show this dialog anymore. When selected, it was necessary to change a registry entry to show the "Open or Save" dialog again. Now in this case an option to save the attachment will show when clicking the attachment icon allowing users still the choice to save the attachment without opening it.

  • When minimized NEO's tray icon will also show the Catalog Name

    When moving the mouse over NEO's icon in the tray area, the name of the open catalog will also be shown. This is particularly helpful when running multiple NEO sessions for different catalogs. Moving the mouse to the tray icon makes it clear which icon represents which session/catalog.

  • Check for Updates available on the Help | About screen

  • Improved IMAP functionality:

    • IMAP folders in the HOT section will show "(IMAP)" behind folder name to distinguish them from other Outlook folders.
    • When deleting an IMAP message, the Active flag will be removed to avoid showing deleted messages in the Active Mail folder.
  • Improved 'Filed' status for Inbox

    Emails filed in subfolders of the Inbox will not show 'Filed' status anymore. Although technically stored in a folder, they are not removed from the Inbox - therefore it is decided to not show these as 'Filed'.

  • Confirmation needed to Block Spam Sender

    Clicking on Blocked Spam Sender icon caused email addresses to be moved to blocked sender list without further warning. Now an additional confirmation is needed to avoid unintentional blocking of email addresses.

  • Improved handling of foreign characters

    Certain foreign characters were not shown correctly. This now is improved.

  • Search option "Match Similar Words" now sticky

    When pressing the "Clear" button in the Search window, the option for "Match Similar Words" will not be reset anymore but remains as is.

  • Show Name in Column settings 

    For Correspondent folders the default for "Show Name in Column" setting is "Folder Name". The default for Bulk mail folders is "Original Name from Message".

  • Improved Bulk mail assignment algorithm

    Under specific conditions the Bulk/Correspondent assignment was not completely correct. This has been improved.

  • Option to disable the preview pane for excluded folders

    As a security measure it is now possible to disable the preview pane for excluded (Spam) folders.

Issues Addressed

  • Edits not being saved on opened attachments

    When opening an attachment from NEO's preview pane, sometimes changes were lost unnoticed upon closing. This has been resolved.

  • Selecting multiple folders

    When moving through the folder list, occasionally multiple folders appeared selected. This is now resolved.

  • Importing existing Catalog

    When importing an existing Catalog (through File | Catalog | Open | Browse...), the original name from the catalog was not maintained. This has been corrected.

  • Error "Cannot open Clipboard" when selecting text in the preview pane

    This problem has now been fixed.

  • For some Exchange users the outbox within NEO Pro did not synchronize properly 

    This problem has now been fixed.

  • Slow behavior when moving quickly through NEO Pro's message listing

    This problem has now been fixed

  • Delay when entering text in search window of Correspondent view

    This problem has now been fixed.

  • Outlook 2007 performance

    Some changes have been made to improve performance under Outlook 2007.

Known Issues

  • Synchronization error during initial IMAP catalog creation

    An error may occur during first synchronization after creating an IMAP catalog. This is caused by Outlook updating its IMAP folders in this same timeframe. This can be corrected by starting another synchronization from the toolbar immediately after the catalog has been created.