What's New - NEO Pro 7.0 Build 7010 / 7011 - 19 December 2016

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Version: 7.0 Build 7010 (x86 for 32 bit Outlook)
Version: 7.0 Build 7011 (x64 for 64 bit Outlook)
Released: 19 December 2016

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Introduction of Btrieve 12:
This is first release of NEO Pro 7 marking the changeover from the old Btrieve 6.15 database engine for NEO's catalog to the latest Btrieve 12. As this is a major change, first release of NEO Pro 7 will only incorporate this new database engine. Btrieve 12 is fully compatible with all latest Operating Systems and newest hardware features. It comes with auto reconnect, improved concurrent file use, wire encryption, improved stability and a lot more making NEO Pro ready for the next decade.

This will be starting point for new features and functionalities to be released over the coming months in subsequent upgrades to NEO Pro 7 to build on top of new possibilities now available.

Btrieve 12 comes with its own license which needs to be authorized to use Btrieve 12 or to deauthorized to move to another machine - this will be managed completely by NEO Pro through activating/deactivating the NEO Pro license. However, this makes the process of 'deactivating' the NEO Pro license even more important if NEO Pro is to be used on another machine.
At any time, the Btrieve 12 license can also be manually deauthorized through the Btrieve 12 License Administrator utility which is available in the regular program list after installation of NEO Pro 7.

What's new in this build 7010/7011:

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NEO Pro 7.0 release history (build 7xx0 for x86 (32 bit) Outlook / build 7xx1 for x64 (64 bit) Outlook)

Last updated: 19 December 2016