What's New - NEO Pro 5.0 Build 540 (10 December 2010)

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This describes the changes in the following release:

Version: 5.0 Build 540
Released: 10 December 2010

Release 5.0 Build 540 solves a few minor issues with NEO Pro 5.

For a full listing of what is included in this new version, please see the What's New.

When upgrading from NEO Pro 4 a rebuild of the catalog is needed before this version can be used: within NEO go to Application Button | Catalog | Rebuild Catalog.


This build solves a few minor issues with NEO Pro 5. See below for fixes in this build.
This latest build can be installed over an already installed version of NEO Pro 5.
If you are running NEO Pro 4 or NEO Pro 5 beta build 515 or before you will need to rebuild the catalog after upgrading to this version.

What's new in build 540:

The following issues have been addressed:

Additional information on the Beta release

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NEO Pro 5.0 beta release history

Last updated: 10 December 2010