Welcome to NEO Find 3.0                                                                      


3.00 Build 3040 (x86) / 3041 (x64)                                                                  28 April 2017


During installation, a copy of this document will be placed into your installation folder. You can print it from there if you like.


What’s new in this build

For an overview of what’s new in this new build version please go to: http://www.emailorganizer.com/kb/T1228.php



Notes for new NEO Find users

1  -  NEO Find: a new way of finding your old emails

NEO Find is a companion product for Outlook aimed at those users happy with Outlook but having difficulty finding emails back. NEO Find is using Caelo’s patented and award-winning technology to organize emails in the most natural way to enable complete intuitive retrieving of old emails. Combined with lightning fast search capabilities, NEO Find will enable users to find old emails back in just a few seconds, no matter how many message stores you have open in Outlook or how complex your Outlook folder system may be.

Stop Searching, Start Finding your emails!


2  -  How Neo Find relates to NEO Pro:

NEO Find provides full organizational power to find your email back instantaneously but lacks the functionalities of a full email client (hence targeted at users using Outlook to manage their emails but looking for an advanced tool to find emails back). NEO Pro, Caelo’s flagship product, enhances the organizational power of NEO Find with all functionalities needed to manage your emails from within NEO Pro interfacing with Outlook to send, receive and store emails.

Being a separate product, NEO Find licenses cannot be used for other NEO products (or v.v.) with the exception of the Caelo Subscription License: a single subscription license which can be used on all our products on all your systems (personal use only) for only a small fee per month.


3  -  NEO Find and the system tray:

When minimized, NEO Find will hide in the computer’s system tray. Clicking the NEO Find icon will open it again. You can even start NEO Find already minimized in the system tray.


4  -  Supported message stores:

NEO Find works with Outlook Personal Stores, Offline Stores, Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes, Exchange Archive message stores and IMAP message stores.



If you have any questions or remarks about NEO Find, please don't hesitate to let us know: product@caelo.com. Your feedback is really valuable to us.


The Caelo Team.

Welcome to NEO Find – General information




What is NEO Find

NEO Find Evaluation

System Requirements

What's New in this Release

Common Questions

Learning about NEO Find and Getting Help

Contacting Caelo and Email Subscriptions

How to Install

How to Uninstall


What is NEO Find


NEO Find is a powerful tool for finding your emails handled by Outlook. It automatically organizes your emails into easy accessible Correspondent folders containing both received and sent emails. These virtual folders can be searched by Caelo’s lightning fast and patented search technology. Additional message filtering lets you zero in on the email you are looking for. All message stores available within Outlook are organized as being one large single area providing easy access to all your messages. Running unnoticed in the background, NEO Find keeps track of every email handled by Outlook. Once you have found your email, you can open it in Outlook or jump to the containing Outlook folder.


When minimized NEO Find will hide in the system tray so it will not be in your way while being readily available when needed (just click NEO Find’s icon in the system tray to open it).


NEO Find works with Outlook Personal Stores, offline Stores, Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes, Exchange Archive message stores and IMAP message stores.



NEO Find Evaluation


The NEO Find evaluation is a fully-functional product. You may try all NEO Find features free of charge for 30 days using an evaluation license you will receive when you start NEO Find.  You can purchase NEO Find at any time. After the trial period, NEO Find will no longer start unless you register. Registering NEO Find will unlock it for you for permanent use - there is no need to download again.



System Requirements


·          Windows 7, 8 or 10.

·          Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 installed (32 and 64 bit).




·          NEO Find does not work with Outlook Webaccess.

·          NEO Find does not interfere with your use of Outlook in any way.

·          If (still) using Outlook 2003, please make sure Outlook Service Pack 1 is installed.




Learning about NEO Find, Getting Help, Contacting Caelo


NEO Find Help:  Available on the Help menu, or by pressing F1


User Guides:  http://www.emailorganizer.com/products/download.php


Support page:  http://www.emailorganizer.com/support/index.php


Knowledge Base:  http://www.emailorganizer.com/kb/kb.php


Purchasing:  http://www.emailorganizer.com/store/index.php



Contacting Caelo and Email Subscriptions


If you are looking for answers to technical problems, click Send Email to Support on the NEO Find Help menu. If you are unable to do that, send an email to:



To subscribe to our mailing lists, connect to:




How to Install


Download the setup program from our download page and save it on your computer. Close all applications (it's especially important that Outlook and previous versions of NEO Find or other NEO products are closed), then double-click the downloaded file and follow the directions.


When updating a previously installed NEO Find 1.x, install it over the same file location as before - there is no need to uninstall before updating. It is recommended to reboot after installation.


How to Uninstall


·          Go to Control Panel then Programs.

·          Select NEO Find.

·          Click either Change or Remove (depends on your system). If you click Change, choose Remove when the dialog appears.

·          You can choose whether or not to remove your catalog data. If you believe you will not be using NEO again, then choose to remove it.

·          Also, it helps us to know why you are uninstalling NEO Find. We'd appreciate it if you click the box to give us a reason.



We hope you enjoy our products!

The Caelo Team


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