Welcome to Caelo's NEO Pro 8.0 Beta Program


This document describes the Beta program for our upcoming NEO Pro 8.0 product. If you like to use and test this new version, please read this information and be sure to follow the instructions in the "How to Participate in the Beta" section. If you can't participate, that's OK too.

It's really quite easy to participate. We're not asking for extensive testing - just to use the new NEO Pro as you normally would and report back any anomalies found. In this document you'll also find information how to back out and go back to your previous NEO Pro version.

About this release

This 8.0 beta release will run using a special beta license. Its main new feature is introduction of a new, modern SQL based database system to replace the Btrieve 12 system and some minor bug fixing related to current NEO Pro 7 version. After the beta period, a regular (30 day) evaluation license will be available for all beta users before deciding to purchase the upgrade. If needed, additional beta upgrades may be released. Also we may extend the Beta period if needed.

What's in this beta release

This is a fully functional build. However, some things are not yet complete:
- Backup/Restore of the catalog not yet functional
- Importing previous catalog settings only working when migrating an earlier Btrieve 12 catalog.

What is new in NEO Pro 8.0:

New Features
  • Introduction of the new SQL based database system for NEO's catalog.
    After starting NEO Pro 8 for first time, the Btrieve 12 database is migrated to the new SQL format; after this NEO Pro will force a restart followed by a rebuild of the catalog. Without this rebuild the new catalog cannot be used. Make sure to allow sufficient time to run the rebuild of the catalog. For this first migration NEO Pro 8 needs the Btrieve database engine - thereafter, Btrieve 12 will not be used anymore by NEO Pro 8.
    NEO Pro 8 is not changing the Btrieve 12 database files used by NEO Pro 7. As long as the Btrieve 12 product has not been uninstalled, NEO Pro 7 can be used in parallel to (but not at the same time as) NEO Pro 8.
  • The new database system of NEO Pro 8 makes the product ready for the decades ahead.
  • Rebuilding of the catalog and searches are, depending on exact machine configurations, significantly faster (40% - 60% faster from the tests done on different systems).
  • Native 64 bit SQL configuration - no further need of the specially developed interface file to link 64bit NEO Pro to 32bit Btrieve.

    Issues addressed
    • Some minor bugs encountered in the latest NEO Pro 7 version have been resolved.

    Known issues
    • Emptying a folder from within NEO Pro is not always resetting the folder count correctly
    • Backup and restore function of NEO Pro is not yet functioning
    • Delete catalog feature is not yet removing the new catalog file

    NEO Pro 8.0 release history (build 8xx0 for x86 (32 bit) Outlook / build 8xx1 for x64 (64 bit) Outlook)

    How to participate in this Beta program

    1. Download NEO Pro 8.0 beta using one of the following links (check here to find bitness of your Outlook program):
    2. Close NEO and Outlook.
    3. If this is your first time using NEO Pro, simply download and install the product.
    4. If you have an earlier 8.0 beta installed, run the installation over your current release.
    5. If you have an earlier version of NEO Pro installed, run the installation over your current release – there is no need to de-install first. NEO Pro 8.0 will use a copy of your earlier settings at a different registry location. In case you need to go back to your previous version, your original settings are used again.
    6. If this is the first time you install NEO Pro 8.0 beta, please send us an email by going to Help | Get Support | Report a Problem. This email will tell us about your environment which is important for us to check coverage of different environs.
    7. All your preferences and options will carry forward as you upgrade from your earlier NEO Pro version.
    8. What to test? Basically, we just want you to use NEO Pro as you normally would and send us your feedback! See next section.

    How to provide feedback

    Please report:
    * Program errors through the normal Error Reporting dialog
    * Problems, instabilities, issues, comments to support@caelo.com

    For questions about the beta, the release or product and how to use it:
    * Email product@caelo.com or support@caelo.com

    How to download the beta version

    You can download NEO Pro 8.0 beta using one of the following links (check here to find bitness of your Outlook program):

    How to back out and go back to your previous NEO Pro version

    • Close Outlook and NEO Pro
    • Uninstall NEO Pro 8.0 (choose not to remove catalogs) from Control Panel, Programs, Uninstall a Program
    • Download the latest NEO Pro 7 release from our website and install it (NEO Pro 8 is not touching your original Btrieve catalog so no need to rebuild after reinstalling NEO Pro 7)
    • Your original license and settings will be applied again.

    Quick FAQ

    Q: Do I need a special licenses for this?
    A: Yes, when starting NEO Pro 8.0 a special beta license will be fetched from our licensing server. Your original license will not be affected and will remain on your system.

    Q: How long will the Beta last? What can I expect?
    A: Current beta licenses will be valid until October 30, 2020. If needed, we may extend this beta to allow uninterrupted usage until final product is available. We may provide interim builds and additional beta versions.

    Q: What happens when the beta period ends?
    A: After the beta period, all (beta) users can run NEO Pro 8.0 using a normal (30 day) evaluation license. After this period a (upgrade) license will be needed for permanent usage of this new release.

    Q: What will pricing be for upgrade licenses?
    A: Pricing for the upgrade licenses have not yet been determined but will most likely be comparable with upgrade prices used for NEO Pro 7.

    Q: Can I upgrade from any previous NEO Pro version?
    A: As far as we can see now you can upgrade from NEO Pro 5 or later without problems to NEO Pro 8.

    THANK YOU for participating in our Beta program and sending us your feedback!

    Last updated: 19 October 2020