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Caelo Software continues development of NEO Pro

Nelson, BC, Canada / Valkenswaard, Netherlands – January, 2008 – Caelo Software is well known for its email productivity solutions to help people cope with their “email overload”. Caelo's flagship product NEO Pro 3.1 has now been on the market for 2˝ years and continues to be the best email organizer available. Every day users over the whole world enjoy the time-saving features of automatic organization and lightning fast search capabilities unrivalled in the industry.

Recently Caelo Software has been successful in attracting new investors and has regrouped its development team. While transferring the company’s headquarters to the Netherlands, Caelo Software expects a new updated release of the world’s leading email organizer software NEO Pro within a few months now.

The new version NEO Pro 3.2 will, besides being fully Vista and Outlook 2007 compliant, focus on making it easier for users to implement time-management compliant workflow principles to maximize the daily time savings and to significantly reduce the email related stress levels experienced by most corporate email users.

About NEO – Nelson Email Organizer

NEO Pro, an add-on product for Microsoft Outlook, uses patented cataloging technologies to automatically organize Outlook messages. A key corporate feature of NEO Pro is the automatic organization of emails using virtual folders combined with the unified view of multiple message stores. Emails are automatically grouped according various email properties without the need to manually file emails to folders. The most common views are Correspondent and Category view while there are many other easy ways to view your emails. Combined with its lightning fast search capabilities NEO Pro provides the technical capabilities to fully automate daily email management activities.

NEO Pro contains Caelo's patented and patent pending intellectual property.

About Caelo Software B.V.

Caelo Software B.V. (pronounced Kay-lo) is dedicated to developing software productivity solutions to help people cope with "email overload".

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