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New software from Caelo transforms
Microsoft Outlook into an E-mail Organizer

Caelo Software unveils ‘enterprise-ready’ NEO Pro 3 with breakthrough ‘Unified Message Store’ capability

Vancouver, BC – June 2, 2004 - Caelo Software Inc., an ‘e-mail productivity’ software company, today announced the release of Nelson Email Organizer Pro (NEO Pro) version 3.

NEO boosts Microsoft Outlook, today's leading e-mail client, into the next generation. NEO, an add-on product for Microsoft Outlook, uses patented cataloging technologies to automatically organize Outlook messages - effectively turning Outlook into an e-mail organizer.

"Think of e-mail organizers as 2nd generation e-mail clients." says Tom Gibson, VP Product Development. "E-mail organizers go significantly beyond the capabilities of e-mail clients. E-mail organizers automate e-mail organization, accommodate the need to permanently store e-mail, enable quick and easy access to ALL stored messages, and provide advanced workflow capabilities. Most importantly, e-mail organizers do this with good to excellent performance even with hundreds of thousands of messages. While Microsoft Outlook is a great communications and collaboration tool, it is simply not an e-mail organizer."

As the centerpiece feature of NEO Pro 3, Unified Message Store gives Outlook's NEO users a seamless, searchable view of ALL their messages. Outlook users no longer have to care whether their messages are stored in their Exchange mailbox, or in one or a dozen Personal Folders. NEO's Unified Message Store displays all messages together, finally removing the Outlook straight-jacket that has prevented users from effortlessly organizing and finding messages across message stores.

With the release of NEO Pro 3 Caelo Software is now positioned to market extensively to corporations looking to reclaim the thousands of hours their employees waste looking for messages. As many of the new productivity features of NEO Pro 3 were based on direct feedback from corporate customers worldwide, Caelo is ramping up for wide market acceptance of NEO Pro 3.

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