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Caelo Software announces Master Reseller
Agreement with to promote and market
NEO to clients in Germany

Vancouver, BC – Dec 22, 2003 - Caelo Software Inc., a leading ‘Email Organizing’ software developer, today announced a Master Reseller Agreement with of Germany. Caelo is excited about this relationship because it provides local resources for our clients in Germany. Having someone in the same time zone able to converse in the native language we feel is a huge benefit for our clients in Germany!

About NEO – Nelson Email Organizer

The Wall Street Journal's Jeremy Wagstaff recently wrote " should consider this program as the plug-in that makes Outlook a killer application".

NEO is based on new, patent-pending, technologies that make automatic organization of email possible for the first time. For example, NEO automatically categorizes email messages from your ‘Correspondents’ separately from ‘Bulk Mail’, ‘Ezines’ and ‘Lists’. With a single click NEO can hide all the junk mail and show only the emails from real people - a major improvement to the out-dated Inbox/Sent Mail model!

See website for a complete list of NEO enhancements:

About Caelo Software Inc.

With offices in Vancouver and Nelson BC, Canada, Caelo Software Inc. is dedicated to developing software solutions to help people cope with "Email Overload".


A software reseller in Germany that focuses on software solutions for Microsoft Outlook, has an extensive reseller network supporting clients throughout Europe.

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