What's New - NEO Pro 6.0 Build 607 (2 March 2016)

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This describes the changes in the following release:

Version: 6.0 Build 607
Released: 2 March 2016

Release 6.0 Build 607 is an updated build to release 6.0.
For a listing of what is changed in this build version, please see below.
For what's new in NEO Pro 6 please see the What's New for this new version.

What's new in this build 607:

Issues addressed
The following issues have been resolved:
  • Latest Win10 caused NEO Pro to close when opening a catalog.
  • In NEO panes folders couldn't be selected by typing first letter(s).
  • When placing cursor to resize NEO panes the cursor disappeared.
  • NEO always started with the Ribbon interface even if so disabled in the Options.

Known issues:
  • During some installations (or repairs) several errors occur for setting Btrieve registry keys - as these keys didn't change, please click 'Ignore' to continue the installation which will finish properly. We are investigating this issue.

Additional information on the release

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NEO Pro 6.0 release history

Last updated: 2 March 2016