How to close down NEO Find with Outlook

Topic T1181 Applies to NEO Find


Most users will have NEO Find configured to start automatically with Outlook.
When exiting Outlook, there is no more need to keep NEO Find running and NEO Find can close as well.

How to close down NEO Find with Outlook

Starting with build 174, NEO Find will close down automatically when exiting Outlook using the File | Exit command.

However, when closing Outlook using the top-right 'X' or Alt+F4, NEO Find will not close. This is due to a different close down procedure from Outlook when closing its window. When closing the Outlook window, the Outlook process will not be forced to close allowing NEO Find to continue to run.

To avoid a double click closing of Outlook to also close NEO Find, the File | Exit command can be placed anywhere on the toolbar:
- Right-click the Outlook toolbar and select 'Customize'
- Select the Command tab and the File category
- Find the Exit command in the list and drag it anywhere on the toolbar (e.g. next to the Help command)
- Close the Customize window.

Now clicking the Exit command on the toolbar will close down Outlook and NEO Find.

Last updated: 16 February 2009