What's New - NEO Find 1.0 Build 171 Beta (12 January 2009)

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This describes the changes in the following release:

Version: 1.0 Build 171
Released: 12 January 2009

Release 1.0 Build 171 is a minor beta 1.0 build upgrade.

This new version can be installed over an earlier installed version of NEO Find - the beta license will remain valid.
When installing this Beta release for the first time, a beta license will be obtained valid until the end of the beta period (which may be extended if needed). After the Beta period, a normal 90 day evaluation license can be obtained before deciding to purchase a license.

What's new in build 171

New Features:
- Reply, Reply to All and Forward functionalities have been added. When coming from an earlier NEO Find Beta version, reset your settings to find these on your toolbar: View | Layout | Reset Layout.
- Tray menu: option added to switch to Outlook.
- Attachments can now be saved through the paperclip icon in the preview pane. Multiple attachments can be saved all at once.
- Improved handling of foreign characters.
- Icon added for "Jump to Folder" command.
- Following shortcuts for the Reading Pane have been added:

Last updated: 12 January 2009