How to increase font size in NEO's windows

Topic T1170 Applies to All NEO products


With high resolution screens, font size of the different NEO windows can become difficult to read


Font size of the reading pane can be increased for HTML messages by going to Tools | Options | Reading Pane.

For NEO Pro font size of the NEO panes can be changed by going in NEO to Tools, Options, Reading Pane.

For NEO Find, the DPI settings of the screeen can be increased. This can be done as follows:
  1. Open Control Panel, Display
  2. Go to Settings tab and click Advanced
  3. Increase the DPI setting from default 96 DPI to 120 DPI (or any value in between by choosing Custom Setting).
Reboot the computer to activate the new DPI setting.

Last updated: 20 Febr 2015