Setting up auto-archiving in Outlook

Topic T1166 Applies to NEO Pro


Archiving emails in Outlook is good practice to maintain a structured email organization and to avoid performance problems with too large PST files.
It is best practice to maintain an archive PST per (calendar) year. This would require only once per year a change in auto-archive settings (following below procedure).

For NEO Pro’s email organization there is no difference whether emails are stored in a complex filing structure or moved into a single PST per year. All folders and message stores are treated as a single unified message store and NEO Pro is organizing all emails automatically using virtual folders according various email properties. The most common views are Correspondent and Category view while there are many other easy ways to view your emails. Relying on this automatic and easy accessible email organization avoids the need to manual file emails into separate folders. Auto-archiving emails into a single yearly PST has become a viable option!


Setting up auto-archiving for the current year

Please follow these to set up auto-archiving for the current year.

After this one time setup Auto-Archiving will run automatically at the defined interval.

Setting up archive PSTs for earlier years

To catch up with archiving and make a split over earlier years the following can be done.

Additional information

For more background information (and other additional options with Auto-Archiving) please refer to: Description of the AutoArchive feature in Outlook

Last updated: 23 May 2013