About licenses for NEO products

Topic T1153 Applies to All NEO products


A license is required to use any NEO product. Note that this includes using our products during the evaluation period.

We require licenses for several reasons: to permanently enable use for purchasers of NEO products and to manage the duration of our 90-day evaluation period.

All licenses consist two parts: a License Code and a License Key. The two parts work together and are case sensitive. The License Code uniquely identifies our customers and is needed by us when we help you with support issues. You can see your license by clicking License on the NEO Help menu.

Types of Licenses

NEO Pro or NEO Find License: This license is emailed to you after your purchase your NEO product. The License Code consists of four parts separated by dashes.

NEO Evaluation License (Pro and Find): This license is retrieved online from our licensing server when you click 'Get Evaluation License' when first start your NEO product. It usually takes just a second or so. The Evaluation License Code consists of five parts separated by dashes.

Entering License Information

NEO Evaluation licenses are automatically entered for you when you request a license via the 'Get .. License' command when you first start NEO.

Permanent NEO Find and NEO Pro licenses must be entered manually by users after receiving them via email after purchasing a license. This information is entered into the dialog displayed when you click License on the NEO Help menu. After entering your licence information (License Code and License Key), click Activate to confirm it.

Transferring your License to another computer

Before you can transfer your license to another system your first have to deactivate the license. To do this go within your NEO product to Help | License and click Deactivate. Now you can install NEO on another computer and activate your license again. IMPORTANT: failing to deactivate before uninstalling may invalidate your license requiring to purchase a new license.

If you Lose your License

Click Resend License Information on our Support Page page.

Last updated: 30 Dec 2008