Xd bit: DEP (Data Execution Prevention) Feature

Topic T1150 Applies to All NEO Products


Access violations may arise from install and setup of NEO Pro for seemingly no reason. This may occur on Windows XP service pack 2 or greater or Windows Server 2003 service pack 1 or greater. The effects are benign for the PC but NEO simply may not run.

A few users have also reported that at the end of catalog creation NEO simply closes down and will not let them open the catalog. We are investigating whether this is related to the Xd bit issue. If this is happening to you, can you see if the workaround below is applicable to your machine and whether it works . If so please contact us at support@caelo.com to let us know.


The Xd bit issue relates to Processors that have the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) feature, used to prevent code that creates buffer overflows from executing. The following are links to more technical explanations of the feature.



To work around the issue you will need to turn off DEP for NeoPro.exe and the installation package:

* Select System from Control Panel
* Go to the Advanced page
* Press the Performance Settings button
* Go to the Data Execution Prevention page
* Select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:"
* Press the Add button to add NeoPro.exe
* Also add the installation package NeoProSetup.exe

You should reboot your system after these changes.

Last updated: 06 Jun 2008