NEO appears to be missing folders and messages

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NEO appears to be missing messages or folders, since they are not visible in the various views.

Ensuring the Missing Messages are Present

To check whether messages are actually missing in NEO, you should first check to ensure that the messages are indeed in Outlook. If the messages are not present in Outlook then NEO will not be able to display them either.

If the messages are confirmed to be in Outlook, then there are a number of items to check and test to find out why a message (or folder) is not visible in NEO try these three steps:
  1. Check for active filters, both message filters and folder list filters (or word wheel)
  2. Try to search for the messages.
  3. Check for address behavior, subscription behavior versus direct behavior. The message may only located where you don't expect it.

Checking for Filters in NEO Pro 3

There are a number of filters available in NEO Pro 3, through the filter bar and on the folder list via the Folder List Filter or Word Wheel (folder find filter). There are three ways to check if a filter is on in NEO Pro:
  1. Look at the left end of the Filter Toolbar. If the eraser and the 'disable' icon are not gray (inactive) then a filter is set.
  2. Look for a background color. Normally the background on all panes is white. By default, when a filter is set the background color is set to 'cream'. Be aware that the default of 'cream' is not visible on some computer monitors, particularly laptop screens. If this is the case, go to NEO 'Tools | Options | Format' and change the background to 'Money Green', which seems to be visible on all monitors.
  3. The Message List Pane has '[Filter On]' added to the pane's title bar when a filter is applied.

In the graphic above a Folder List Filter (Word Wheel) and the Unread Status Message List Filter are applied. To remove the filters, click the disable button and see if the messages show up for you. Be aware that many of the filters work globally throughout all NEO views. If a folder appears to be missing, remove the contents of the Folder List Filter (word wheel), which in the graphic is 'bert'.

Checking for Filters in NEO (Std) 3

In NEO (Std) 3, there are only a limited number of filters available, similar to NEO 2.5, and all of these filters are located at the right end of the Standard Toolbar:

Checking for Filters in NEO 2.5

NEO 2.5 has a limited filtering capability compared to NEO (Std) 3 and particularly NEO Pro 3. In NEO 2.5 only Bulk Mail filtering is available on messages and only folders holding unread messages filtering is available on folders. In NEO 2.5 no indication of filtering is given other than the button appearance. Below, NEO 2 is filtered on Bulk Mail and for folders with unread messages, with the pointer on the folders with unread messages filter:

These filters are global for all views but can be switched on and off from any view. It is important to remember that there may be some messages that are not visible when a filter is on. For example, no Correspondent messages (those organized in Correspondent folders) are visible when the Bulk Mail filter is on. This is reversed when the Correspondent filter is on and Bulk Mail messages will not be visible.

Using Search to Locate Messages

To use search to find messages do the following:
  1. Switch to the Search View (Pane)
  2. Enter a word or phrase that are found in the message to locate the message(s) that appear to be missing. The more specific the word or phrase that you choose is to the messsage you want to find, the better.
  3. Ensure that you make the appropriate folder and search area (subject, body or names/addresses) selections for the search
If the messages are found, you can locate where they are organized by placing the focus on the message in the Message List Pane and using Jump to Folder by either right clicking and choosing the Jump to folder option in the fly-out context menu or using the keyboard shortcut of 'Ctrl-J'.

Checking the Behavior on an Address

There are two possible behaviors for an e-mail address in NEO:
  1. Direct. This behavior is normally for correspondent-type communication. It is keyed to the address located in the 'To:' or 'From:' fields. Messages with 'Your Address' in the 'CC:' or 'BCC:' fields are also drawn in if no other addressing matches exist. Direct behavior is normally attached to Correspondent addresses.
  2. Subscription. This behavior will draw in messages no matter where the address is located, 'To:', 'From:', 'CC:' or 'BCC:' fields. As an example, if a message is sent from John Doe (direct behavior) to one of 'Your Addresses' and has a 'CC:' for Jane Smith (subscription behavior) then the message will be organized into the John Doe's folder as having been received and will also be pulled into the Jane Smith folder. This behavior is normally attached to Bulk Mail- type addresses.

Depending on the behavior of a specific address, a message may be drawn into a folder in a manner that a user may not expect.

Last updated: 16 Feb 2005