How to remove a Personal Folders (PST) file From regular synchronization

Topic T1146 Applies to NEO (Std) 3 and NEO Pro 3


An archive Personal Folders (PST) file does not need to be regularly synchronized with Outlook by NEO, since they store archival information and are not actively receiving new messages. If these archive PST files are excluded from the regular synchronization, at startup or when manually initiated, the processing of the synchronization will proceed more rapidly.

If the PST files are removed from regular synchronization then message manipulation, such as message deletion or message moves in or out of the archive PST, should be done only when NEO is open. In this way, NEO will receive the message transport events in real time so the archive PST file will be kept up to date and further synchronization is not required. If processing of messages that reside within the archive PST is undertaken when NEO is closed, then the synchronization of the archives should be reinstated to bring them up to date to reflect these changes in NEO.


The removal of a message store from regular synchronization is done using the Synchronization dialog accessed through the NEO Standard Toolbar 'Sync' button:

To remove an archive PST message store from regular synchronization, follow these steps:
  1. On the NEO Standard Toolbar, click the 'Sync' icon (as illustrated above) to display the Synchronize dialog (as illustrated below)
  2. In the message store list, uncheck the archive message store(s) you would like to remove from regular synchronization with Outlook
  3. At the right of this list box click the 'Save as Default' button to store the current setup as the default synchronize configuration
  4. Click either the Fast Sync or the Full Sync button, depending on the operation you would like to perform
  5. If you would like this synchronization (and only this one) to run in the fore-ground, uncheck the 'Run as a background activity' check box at the bottom of the dialog box

From this point forward only the message store(s) that are still checked will be regularly synchronized, the unchecked ones will be skipped in regular synchronization processes. To change this setup at any time, return to the Synchronize dialog and check or uncheck message stores as you wish.

Last updated: 15 Feb 2005