Search fails to find recent messages

Topic T1138 Applies to All NEO Products


A defect was encountered that results in a corruption of the NEO word index database that causes search to display incorrect or truncated results - it's missing recent messages, or specifically messages after the time the database error first appeared.


A small corruption in the word index results in multiple reports of Database Error 81 on a Word Index Update that causes the word index update to fail. When this occurs, new messages are not added to the word index during manual or automatic index updates. Due to the failing word index updates, search results are not correct, specifically, you will find that the NEO word search only finds messages that you received or sent prior to some specific date and no messages that are more recent, even though they match the search criteria.

If you wish to confirm that the Database Error 81 issue is causing the search problem, please go to NEO 'Help | View Log Files' and select the 'WordIndex.log' from the selection drop-down list at the top of the Log File Viewer. If you see Database Error 81 errors then the resolution below will fix your problem.


This problem can be fixed by rebuilding the NEO catalog. The catalog contains all the information used to organize your messages (but does not contain the messages themselves). When you rebuild the catalog all your configuration settings (e.g., folder names, preferences) are preserved, and of course your email is not affected. It will take as long as it took to create the catalog in the first place.

To rebuild the catalog, perform one of the following methods -

Method 1: If you can access the File menu -
  1. Go to 'File | Catalog | Rebuild catalog…' and rebuild the current catalog by hitting the Rebuild Now button. You may also choose the 'other catalog' option and pick the appropriate catalog from the list if the rebuild does not relate to the current catalog.

  2. The rebuild will start up and continue for some time, depending on your Outlook message store size.
Method 2: If you cannot access the File Menu because the error is preventing you then -
  1. Close all email-aware applications (e.g. NEO, Outlook).

  2. Restart NEO in the no-catalog state. To do this, start the Task Manager (Ctrl-Shft-Del or right click the System Tray date area and select Task Manager from the dialog box), and on the Applications tab highlight the NEO application and press the 'End Process' button. Once NEO is closed, wait 1 minute for the database engine to clear and shut down, then start NEO in a no-catalog state. To do this, start NEO while pressing and holding down the SHIFT key until NEO is up and the hourglass has disappeared. NEO is now in the no-catalog state.

  3. On the NEO Main Menu choose 'File | Catalog | Rebuild catalog…'

  4. From the list, select the catalog you wish to restore and hit the Rebuild Now button.

  5. The rebuild will start up and continue for some time, depending on your Outlook message store size.
Please contact if you need further assistance.

Last updated: 12 Jul 2005