About Outlook folders that are not organized in NEO

Topic T1137 Applies to All NEO products


In Outlook, other than in a search result, you can only see the contents of one Outlook folder at a time. Unlike Outlook, NEO will organize messages for all of it's virtual folders and views from any Outlook folder structure that the e-mail messages are physically stored in. There are only a few exceptions to this.


The standard method of organizing messages in Outlook and to keep the Outlook Inbox manageable is to move messages out of the Inbox and into other Outlook folders either manually, using drag-and-drop, or automatically, using a series of Outlook rules. Regardless of which method has been used or what Outlook folder a message physically resides in, the e-mail message will be organized into NEO's virtual folders and views. In effect, this may be the single greatest benefit that you can get from NEO: not having to spend the time to manually organize your messages and have NEO automatically organize them.

The only three Outlook folders that are exceptions to this rule of folder organization in NEO are:
  1. The Deleted Items folder. NEO does not organize messages in this folder. Both NEO (Std) 3 and NEO Pro 3 currently don't search in the Deleted Items folder either.
  2. The Drafts folder. Often draft messages have no addressing attached when saved and only later is the addressing added prior to sending. NEO can not organize messages without addressing.
  3. Any other Outlook folders that are designated as containing Spam in NEO.
In each of the three cases above, the messages in these folders will not appear in any NEO virtual folder, however, the messages in these folders can be viewed by clicking on the specific Outlook folder in the NEO Outlook View (pane) folder list. The Outlook View (pane) is located in the lower left pane in the default NEO User Interface (UI) pane arrangement.

Last updated: 14 Feb 2005