Font problems on New messages, Replies and Forwards

Topic T1136 Applies to All NEO products


When initiating a new message, a reply or a forward from within NEO, the default reply font, as set in Outlook, is not observed. Normally, 'Times New Roman' font is used instead.


This is the result of a known Microsoft Automation interface defect. The defect occurs where the default reply font setting in Outlook is not observed where 3rd party products such as NEO launch an Outlook editor via the Microsoft Automation interface.

If you are using Word as your editor (and Outlook 2000 or later), the work around below will work.

Work Around When Word is set as the e-mail Editor

In NEO, when you have Word as email editor and you reply to an HTML/RTF message, the reply font used by the e-mail editor is taken from a location other than the template or stationary. Follow the steps below to get the font you would like when replying to messages (for Outlook 2007 see note below).
  1. Open a new email (Word as the Editor)
  2. In the new mail message editor choose 'Tools | Options'
  3. On the 'General' tab, choose the 'Web Options' button
  4. Select the 'Fonts' Tab
  5. Choose your preferred font for Proportional Font.
NOTE: for Office (Outlook) 2007 a slightly different route is needed to arrive at the 'Web Options' button (step 3): open Word 2007, click the Office Button (top-left corner), select Word Options | Advanced. Scroll all the way down to find the 'Web Options' button. Click this button and follow above instructions from step 4.

This will work in any OL200x version. Prior to OL200x, Microsoft used the EMAIL.DOT file in the 1033 directory as the basis for the font template so this method will not work for Outlook versions pre-200x.

Last updated: 20 Aug 2008