Error: 8004011D while accessing the user's main Exchange Server mailbox

Topic T1131 Applies to NEO (Std) 3 and NEO Pro 3


The user receives an error 8004011D-T02 when attempting to access the main Exchange Server mailbox, either when sending/receiving or during NEO Catalog creation. The error may also be received in other forms such as:

This is normally the result of having a delegate Exchange Server mailbox in the Outlook user profile. At this time we have not entirely resolved this issue but we currently believe that it relates back to permissions on the delegate mailbox or even perhaps permissions on folders within the delegate mailbox. In some instances, users have reported having several delegate mailboxes in the Outlook user profile and removing only the one problem delegate mailbox allows access to the main Exchange mailbox without issue, though there are still other delegate Exchange mailboxes in their user profile.

This condition may also be encountered when an Exchange Server mailbox is not listed in the Exchange Server 'Global Address List' (GAL). If an attempt is made to add a GAL unlisted Exchange Server mailbox the Catalog creation may fail with the Exchange message store appearing grayed out in the message store selection dialog.

Interim Resolution #1

Until we completely resolve the root cause of the delegate Exchange Server mailbox issue, try to remove all delegate mailboxes that reside in your Outlook user profile and then try the operation that failed - creating the catalog or send/receive. If you had several delegate Exchange mailboxes in your user profile, you can try adding them back into the profile one-by-one until the problem delegate mailbox is discovered.

Resolution #2

An Exchange Server mailbox may not be added to a NEO Catalog when it is not listed within the Exchange Server Global Address List (GAL). This is the result of a Microsoft MAPI interface limitation. The Exchange mailbox must be included in the GAL to be cataloged in NEO. If the Exchange mailbox GAL listing is switched off once the mailbox is cataloged in NEO, the next attempt to send/receive or otherwise access the unlisted Exchange mailbox will again fail in NEO.

Last updated: 10 Feb 2005