URL links do not work from NEO's Reading Pane

Topic T1130 Applies to All NEO products


The problem applies to all versions of NEO. When an embedded URL link is clicked in the NEO Reading Pane, the link does not function. A browser window is not initiated and you do not reach the Website or Webpage in the link.


This may occur as a result of an incorrectly configured, damaged or improperly installed Web Browser.

Resolution for Internet Explorer Users

For users of Internet Explorer (IE), please ensure that you have IE set as the default browser by having IE automatically check to ensure it's the default browser. To do this, start an IE browser window and click 'Tools | Internet Options | Programs tab':

Ensure that the:

'Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser'

option is checked and then click the 'Reset Web Settings' button as shown in the image above.

Resolution for Users of Other Browsers

If you are not using Internet Explorer as your default browser then you should check to ensure that your selected browser is installed properly. To check this try to repair the browser installation. Also check the configuration settings for your browser to ensure it is configured properly.

Last updated: 10 Feb 2005