NEO button vanished from Outlook Toolbar / Autostart with Outlook Fails

Topic T1128 Applies to All NEO products


The NEO icon in the Standard Toolbar of Outlook disappears and/or NEO refuses to launch when Outlook starts even though NEO is configured, in 'Tools | Options | General tab' to start when Outlook starts.


For some reason the command extensions for NEO within the Outlook Add-In Manager have been disabled or Outlook 2002(XP) or Outlook 2003 has disabled NEO as a problem Add-In which causes a failure of the autostart with Outlook configuration.

Resolution #1

Check whether the NEO command extensions have been disabled. To do this, go to Outlook:

'Tools | Options | Other tab | Advanced Options button | Add-In Manager button'

For Outlook 2003 this will appear as the following:

If the command extension of your particular NEO version is unchecked, check the extension and then OK your way out of the dialogs.

Resolution #2

When Outlook 2003 senses that an Add-In is problematic a Safe Mode trigger forces Outlook to disable the Add-In. If this occurs, simply 'Enable' the disabled NEO Add-In. To do this refer to the generic Assistance article enabling Disabled Items in all Microsoft Office 2003 applications.

Last updated: 09 Feb 2005