Importing E-mail Messages From Other E-mail Clients

Topic T1127 Applies to All NEO products


When switching e-mail clients from some other client to Outlook, it is often necessary to transfer existing e-mail messages from the other e-mail client to Outlook or to an Exchange Server mailbox. This process is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, unless you use some third-party software to handle the conversion. Below are instructions and leads to find a suitable method to make the client change and transfer your existing e-mail history through to Outlook.

For information on the conversion of e-mail data from Outlook Express to Outlook, please see Knowledge Base article: T1126


NEO will only function alongside Outlook, so in order to maintain your historical e-mail records you will need to transfer your old and current e-mail messages from your existing client to Outlook. Examples of other e-mail clients that you may wish to extract old messages from may include:
Some e-mail clients may have specific export facilities to export e-mail messages into other client formats or the specific e-mail client software vendor may have some downloadable conversion utility to help you manage this transfer. Other sources for third-part e-mail conversion applications are also available. For a list of some of these, go to the Website

Last updated: 09 Feb 2005