Error: 8004060C - MAPI Logon Failed

Topic T1119 Applies to All NEO products


The problem mainly applies to users of earlier versions of Outlook running against Personal Folders (PST) files.

NEO receives a MAPI error after having sent an event to Outlook. The error is reported as a MAPI Logon Failure. In detail, the error stems from MAPI and Outlook being unable to accomplish the attempted operation. The results could be reported in one of the following formats:
Description and Details

This problem is caused by an ANSI format PST or OST file that has reached the file size limit of 2.0 Gigabytes.


When a PST file has reached the specific size limit, the problem can be resolved only by reducing the size of the PST file. This can be handled in one of the following two methods:

1. Compact the PST or OST file:

2. Remove Objects from the PST file.

Reduce the size of the PST file by permanently deleting objects or moving some of the objects (including e-mail messages) into another message store. Please understand that a deletion (DEL) of messages will not be appropriate under these circumstances, while a permanent deletion (SHFT-DEL) will be appropriate. A normal delete will not remove the object from the PST file but will rather attempt to move the message to the Deleted Items folder. Since the PST file is at the size limit, the move operation will fail.

For information on archiving in NEO and Outlook refer to Knowledge Base article T1116, for information on adding and removing PST files from your NEO Pro catalog, refer to Knowledge Base articleT1117 and additional information on the NEO catalog and backing it up can be found in NEO Help.

Last updated: 11 Jan 2005