How to add and remove Message Stores in NEO Pro

Topic T1117 Applies to NEO Pro 3


Along with the NEO Pro functionality of cataloging multiple message stores to form a Unified Message Store, comes the need to add and/or remove message stores from time to time. Adding and removing message stores from a NEO Pro catalog is required to add a new PST file for archiving, to re-introduce old archive PST files or to remove old archive PST files from active duty. A maximum of 1000 message stores may be added to a single NEO catalog. These 1000 stores may consist of PST/archive PST files, or alternatively, one Exchange Server mailbox or delegate mailbox (see below) and in addition, up to a maximum of 999 PST/archive PST files.

Adding Local Personal Folders (PST) files

NEO requires that all message stores that are to be cataloged are open and available in your Outlook profile. If your archives are added to the Outlook profile, NEO has access to them but the store still needs to be added to your catalog. When you initially create your first catalog, NEO will search the Outlook profile and give you the option of which message stores you wish to add to your catalog. If you have already created a catalog and you want to add a new message store to your NEO catalog, follow these steps:

NEO will then begin the synchronization process to add the store(s) to your catalog.

Removing Local Personal Folders (PST) files

When you would like to remove a message store from Outlook and your NEO catalog it is important to remove the message store from the NEO catalog prior to removing it from the Outlook user profile. To do this follow these steps:

NEO will then begin the synchronization process to remove the stores from your catalog.

Exchange Server Mailbox Stores

An Exchange Server mailbox will always be receiving messages, so as a result an Exchange Server mailbox must be the default message store for a NEO catalog. This said, in NEO you may not have more than one Exchange Server mailbox or delegate Exchange Server mailbox in a single catalog. You may have multiple catalogs, each with a separate Exchange Server mailbox or delegate mailbox.

It is seldom required to remove or add a Exchange mailbox message store from a NEO catalog. It is more often the case that a new catalog would be created in NEO for a new Exchange Server mailbox store or an additional delegate mailbox.

Last updated: 22 Dec 2004