How to work with Encrypted and Digitally Signed messages in NEO

Topic T1108 Applies to all NEO products


Starting Outlook 2003, Microsoft changed the way it handles encrypted and digitally signed messages. This change has an impact on how these messages are handled in NEO Pro.

For general information about Outlook message security, please refer to Help in Outlook.

Working with Secure Messages in NEO when using Outlook 2003 or later

In Outlook 2003 or later, encrypted messages or digitally signed messages that include a request for a secure receipt can not be displayed in NEO Pro. You must view these messages in Outlook (click Enter after selecting the message to open the message in Outlook). You can perform all status actions such as mark read, make inactive, set flags, file to Outlook folders all within NEO Pro.

Note that digitally signed messages that do not include a request for a secure receipt can be displayed in NEO Pro.

Locating a Message in Outlook

In many cases, you will be able to find messages you can't display in NEO Pro quite easily in Outlook (as the message cannot be viewed within NEO, you cannot check NEO's preview pane for its location). If they just arrived they should be near the top of your Inbox (press Ctrl+1 to jump to your Outlook Inbox).

Another method is to set a special category for the message in NEO (say NEOJump), then jump to the Inbox (Ctrl+1) and set the Current View to view by category. You might want to create a custom view to filter on messages with a category called NEOJump.

Last updated: 20 Jan 2009