What's New - NEO & NEO Pro 3.0 Build 304 (15 Sep 2004)

Topic T1107 Applies to NEO (Std) 3 and NEO Pro 3


This describes the changes to Version 3.0 Build 304 for both NEO and NEO Pro. This is a free upgrade for NEO 3 and NEO Pro 3 users. Click here for instructions on installing for the first time or upgrading from a previous release. If you participated in the Version 3 Beta program, and are still running a Beta version, click here.

We'd love to hear from you. Please send us an email if you have comments or questions about this release.

What's in this Release

This release is primarily a maintenance release to correct some errors users were experiencing, and to improve how we handle secure (digitally signed and encrypted) messages. All references to NEO below refer to both NEO and NEO Pro.

New or Enhanced Features
Issues Addressed

- Error: 'Shell Execute error' when clicking on a link in Reading Pane [e499]
- Error: 'Source folder is the Deleted Items folder' in drag and drop operation
- Error: 'Operation aborted' when creating a catalog
- Error: 'Message not available' if view Message Properties with Reading Pane closed
- Error: EStRegIniError - Failed to write value to Registry [e267]
- Error: Access Violation in Tobject.Free [e70]
- Error: Access Violation opening or saving an attachment [e112, e206]
- Error: Access Violation in WndProc and Tcontrol.Perform [e275, e323]
- Error: Access Violation in blocking spam sender where message has no From address [e420]
- Error: Access Violation in TMdoStore.Create_GetMsgStoreProps [e439]
- Calendar and Task notification windows pop up behind NEO
- Date/Time on Message Properties dialog shown at UTC (should be local time)
- Secure Receipts not recognized correctly
- Read Receipt dialog not prompted when in some circumstances
- Read Receipt dialog can cause NEO to hang

Last updated: 15 Sep 2004