Error: Various when connection lost in Cached Exchange Mode (Online mode)

Topic T1102 Applies to Cached Exchange Mode using NEO 3 or NEO Pro 3


The problem applies only to Microsoft Exchange users of Outlook 2003 running in Cached Exchange Mode.

Occasionally NEO Pro may not handle momentary network connection losses when working Online in Cached Exchange Mode with Outlook 2003. This may cause a freeze-up of NEO Pro.

Lost connections may more frequently occur in wireless environment than in a LAN environment. They will not occur in Offline mode regardless of the connection state.

The errors resulting from this problem include:
Workaround to prevent problem from recurring

The workaround may be to put Outlook into offline mode when this begins to happen.

As a first step, you can set Outlook up to act as if it is online when it is offline. You do this by going to Outlook/Tools/Options and then clicking the Mail Setup tab. Then click the Send/Receive button. At the bottom of this dialog there are 2 checkboxes under the title 'When Outlook is offline'. Check the 'Schedule an automatic send/receive every x minutes'. Set the minutes to something like 2 or 3 minutes.

Now if the instability re-occurs when online simply put Outlook into offline mode. You do this in Outlook pretty rapidly. Under Outlook/file you can choose to work offline. Outlook should act as if you are online and NEO should cease to have the freeze up issue.

To go online again simply go to Outlook/File/Work Offline and uncheck it.

When we were testing this we found we could ignore working online altogether as the automatic offline send/receive kept the cached mode store in full sync every 2 or 3 minutes.

At some point, for those on LAN lines at least, the variables on your Exchange Server will probably see this issue disappear. Until then, this may serve you best.

Last updated: 20 Feb 2007