Why Mark Read on move workflow option may not work (Outlook 2000 IMO)

Topic T1101 Applies to NEO (Std) 3 and NEO Pro 3 using Outlook 2000 IMO


Outlook 2000 IMO (Internet Mail Only) has a defect that causes NEO errors to be generated when moving an Unread item to an Outlook folder. This occurs only when the following workflow option is enabled: 'When I move a message to an Outlook folder' .. Mark Read.

Note that athis affects Outlook 2000 IMO environments only.


You can avoid this problem by changing the timing of when the message is marked read to until after the move is completed.

However, this workaround does not work if moving a message to another message store. In this case, the message will not be marked read.

Last updated: 16 May 2004