Database Error: 30 -new file format running against old database engine

Topic T1100 Applies to All NEO products


This problem arises when a later version of Pervasive Btrieve (known as Pervasive SQL) has created the NEO Catalog and then an earlier version of the engine which is not compatible with the new file structure attempts to access these files.

This can occur if you have an application installed such as Maximizer that uses the later Btrieve version and you create a catalog with that version. If you then uninstall that product, and the later version of Pervasive Btrieve is removed, NEO will not be able to recognize the newer database format of the NEO Catalog.


This problem can be fixed in two ways. If you recently uninstalled a program that uses the Pervasive Btrieve engine, reinstalling that application should correct the problem.

If that is not possible, then you must create a new Catalog. Unfortunately, you will not be able to import the settings from your previous catalog.

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Last updated: 16 Apr 2004