Other add-in programs - behaviour of NEO with Outlook COM add-Ins

Topic T1062 Applies to All NEO products


Some Outlook COM add-ins may not function or may conflict with NEO, causing errors.


Always have Outlook running when you start NEO. Keep Outlook running while you are using NEO, and always close NEO before closing Outlook.

You can help ensure this by going to NEO Tools menu | Options and checking the option 'Start NEO when Outlook starts', then start Outlook in your normal way which in turn will automatically start NEO.

If the problem persists and there is no visible copy of Outlook running, you can check to see if a hidden copy of Outlook is running - use the Task Manager and look for Outlook.exe under Processes. You will need to either end the Outlook.exe process using the Task Manager or restart your computer. Then start Outlook followed by NEO.

Beyond this, if the problem persists you may do the following to test which com add-in is causing the problem -

  1. close NEO;
  2. start Outlook;
  3. go to Outlook/tools/options/other/advanced options and 'COM Add-Ins...' to see the extensions;
  4. uncheck (click on the check box) a suspect Add-In (ihatespam, Plan Plus, MS Backup for PSTs, Business Contact Manager etc.);
  5. back out to Outlook using OK on all dialogue boxes; and
  6. test if NEO is working properly.

Last updated: 01 Sep 2004