Send/Receive Progress dialog appears when Outlook setting says not to

Topic T1053 Applies to All NEO products


When you Send/Receive via NEO, the Outlook setting suppressing the Send/Receive dialog does not function and the dialog continues to be displayed regardless of the setting.


First check to see that Send/Receive dialog is working correctly with Outlook alone

Test to see if the Send/Receive dialog works in Outlook when NEO is not running. If it is not and you are using Outlook 2002, please see the Microsoft knowledgebase article(s):
If the above does not fix the problem, try the following ...

It is important to set the outlook setting while NEO is not active.
  1. Close NEO and Outlook, along with any other email-aware programs.
  2. Wait for one minute and then open Outlook alone.
  3. When the dialog comes up on a Send/Receive, check the checkbox saying "Don't show this dialog box during Send/Receive".
  4. Close Outlook.
  5. Start NEO.
If the above does not fix your problem, then
  1. Always have Outlook running when you start NEO, and keep Outlook running while you are using NEO. You can ensure this by going to NEO Tools menu | Options and checking the option to start NEO when Outlook starts.

Last updated: 07 May 2002