Database Error: 81- the MKDE encountered a lock error

Topic T1046 Applies to All NEO products


This error can occur for one of three reasons:
  1. The Btrieve database settings on your computer have been lowered. This may occur if you have installed a new application that uses the Pervasive Btrieve database engine since you have installed NEO.

  2. You have received or sent an email message with a very large number of correspondents (recipients). Or

  3. A defect was encountered that resulted in a corruption of the NEO word index database that causes search to display incorrect or truncated results - it's missing recent messages.


A corruption in the word index results in Database Error 81's on a Word Index Update that causes the word index update to fail. When this occurs, new messages are not added to the word index during manual or automatic index updates. Due to the failing word index updates, search results are not correct, specifically, you will find that the NEO word search only finds messages that you received or sent prior to some specific date and no messages that are more recent, even though they match the search criteria.

To correct the Database Error 81 problem once it has occurred you will need to rebuild your catalog.

Please follow these steps to resolve this:
  1. Most of the major causes for database error 81 occurring were fixed in NEO/NEO Pro Build 314. So as a first step, if you are on an earlier build of NEO or NEO Pro, please download and install the latest NEO Pro over the top of your current installation. To get the latest build of NEO Pro click here. To check for the latest update, go within NEO to Help | Check for Updates (online)'.

  2. Please do a catalog rebuild. The Knowledge Base article: Database Error 2 or 54 - on files other than NFL.DAT, NAD.DAT or CSO.DAT should provide the information you will need. If you have any problems or if these steps do not resolve the issue, please contact:

Last updated: 07 May 2002