How to keep NEO synchronized with Outlook

Topic T1034 Applies to NEO (Std) 3 and NEO Pro 3


NEO synchronizes with Outlook in real time by processing events that Outlook generates whenever messages are added, changed, moved or deleted.

NEO needs to be running to receive and process the events generated by Outlook. NEO will lose synchronization with Outlook whenever actions are taking in Outlook and NEO is not running.

The "Fast sync on startup" option is designed to restore synchronization with Outlook when NEO is started. Two different strategies are employed depending on how Outlook is accessing the underlying message store.
  1. If Outlook is accessing an Exchange Mailbox in online mode, then the Exchange ICS (Incremental Change Synchronization) protocol is used. This protocol allows NEO to process all changes that were made to the mailbox.

  2. Otherwise, the NEO fast sync strategy is used, which detects all new and changed messages since the last fast sync. It does not detect deleted messages.


To keep NEO in sync with Outlook, observe the following practices:

  1. Enable the "Fast synchronize on startup" in the General tab of the NEO Options dialog.

  2. Avoid deleting messages in Outlook when NEO is not running, unless you are connected to an Exchange mailbox in online mode. When you are connected to a PST or are working offline or in Cached Exchange Mode with an Exchange mailbox when NEO is not running, the NEO fast synchronize will not synchronize out deleted messages.

  3. If you are working in offline or Cached Exchange Mode with an Exchange mailbox, make sure you set Outlook to synchronize all folders to the offline store. This is done by setting synchronization properties on the Synchronization tab of the Outlook Folder Properties dialog.


If NEO loses synchronization with Outlook, click on the Full Sync button on the NEO toolbar. This will synchronize all folders.

Performance tip: If you have a large number of archived messages in separate archive PST's and you rarely modify or delete the archive messages, you exclude these PST's from the default NEO Full and Fast sync processing by clicking the Save as Default button on the Synchronize dialog.

Last updated: 17 May 2004