Duplicate messages appear or messages do not disappear when deleted

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Duplicate messages appear in NEO, or messages do not disappear when deleted. In some cases the only way to remove them is to do a NEO Full Synchronization.

Note: Users of Outlook 2007 with SP2 running in Cached Exchange mode, please also check out this KB article: T1183.


Case 1: NEO Pro users using Outlook 2003 or higher with an Offline store (OST) with or without Cached Mode with Exchange

Duplicate messages in Active Mail and other NEO folders when using an off-line mail folder (OST) are most likely caused by synchronization conflicts between the Exchange mailbox and the off-line OST file. Outlook captures these errors in the 'Sync Issues' folder and the 'Conflicts', 'Local Failures' and 'Server Failures' subfolders below it. In case of conflicts Outlook preserves a copy of the original message in one of the sync issue folders. You can verify location of a duplicate message within NEO by looking at the preview pane (the folder is indicated there).
These sync issues are normally benign issues, and most likely the reason Outlook doesn't surface them. To avoid double copies of emails in Active Mail, choose to designate the 'Sync Issues' and 'Conflicts' Outlook folders as being not organized in NEO by taking the following steps:
  1. Go within NEO to the Outlook Folder Tab
  2. Locate and right-click the Conflicts folder
  3. Choose the Folder Properties item at the bottom of the shortcut menu
  4. Check the box for "Folder is not organized into NEO folders'
  5. Do steps 2 to 4 for the 'Sync issues' folder

Case 2: NEO 2.5 users using Outlook 2003 running in Cached Exchange Mode with Exchange

Cached Exchange Mode support, new to Outlook 2003 with Exchange Server, has not been implemented in NEO 2.5. Support for Cached Exchange Mode is implemented in NEO 3 and NEO Pro 3.

If you are running in Cached Exchange Mode in NEO 2.5, we recommend you upgrade to version 3 or disable it if you wish to continue using NEO. To check to see if you are running in Cached Exchange Mode and to disable it:
  1. In Outlook, click Tools menu | E-mail Accounts
  2. Select 'View or change existing e-mail accounts' and click Next
  3. Select your Exchange Account and click Change
  4. Uncheck the checkbox, Use Cached Exchange Mode

Case 3: Outlook version prior to 2003 or not running Cached Exchange Mode

Last updated: 10 July 2009