How to move your catalog

Topic T1005 Applies to All NEO products


You choose where you want the NEO Catalog located when you create the catalog. Once created, there is no explicit command in NEO to move a catalog. However, you can move it using the following steps:

If using NEO 2.5
  1. Close NEO.
  2. Do a Windows Search/Find for file NSH.dat (note that there will be more than one if you have more than one catalog).
  3. Move the folder in which it is found (along with subfolders) to the new location.
  4. Start NEO. You will be prompted to find the path. Browse to the path and select the folder.
If using NEO 3 or NEO Pro 3 or above
  1. Locate your catalog. Click File menu | Catalog | Catalog Properties | General tab.
  2. Close NEO.
  3. In Windows Explorer, browse to your catalog folder.
  4. Move the folder (along with subfolders) to the new location.
  5. Start NEO. You will be notified that the catalog files are missing.
  6. Click File menu | Catalogs | Open Catalog. Select the catalog you want to open in the list then click Browse. Browse to your new location and select the file CatalogConfig.xml.

Last updated: 22 Sep 2004