Error: 'List capacity out of bounds EListError' when searching in NEO

Topic T1002 Applies to NEO 2.x


This problem was prevalent on earlier versions of NEO and is unlikely to occur on versions greater than version 2.0.


You must rebuild the NEO catalog. The catalog contains all the information used to organize your messages (but does not contain the messages themselves). When you rebuild the catalog all your configuration settings (e.g., folder names, preferences) are preserved, and your email is not affected. Unfortunately, it will take as long as it took to create the catalog in the first place.

To rebuild the catalog, perform these steps:
  1. Close all email-aware applications (e.g., NEO, Outlook).

  2. Double-click icon RebuildCatalog located in the folder you installed NEO into (probably c:\Program Files\Nelson Organizer).
    To rebuild a catalog for NEO Pro 3 or later, go within NEO to File | Catalog | Catalog Rebuild.

Last updated: 06 May 2002